Task Lights and Task Lamps

Arbe Machine is a proud supplier of high quality task lights and task lamps. Whether you are in need of an LED task lamp, a cabinet lamp, quality flooring lighting, or a jewelers task lamp, look no further than here in our professional task lights category.

Importance of Quality Lamps

For those in the jewelry industry, quality task lamps and lights can be an important product. A dimly lit work station can spell doom for any jeweler. Ensure quality lighting with our selection of lights and lamps. Our fixtures use the great technology of LED lighting to provide crisp, clear and most importantly bright work environments. Become a more efficient worker and upgrade your light today.

This sort of lighting has a great many uses and provides workers across industries with a great many benefits. While perusing through products, be sure to understand what sort of tasks the lamp will be needed for. Certain lights are used for different functions. Knowing what you will use the lamp for will certainly ease the decision process and ensure you purchase the right light for the correct task.

One area in particular to keep in mind is to figure out the size of the area you will be viewing. Different lamps feature different magnifiers. A higher magnification will lead to a smaller viewing area. If you do not know how large or small your work area is, then you may run the risk of buying a lamp that has a viewing area does not correspond with your work. If that happens, you run the risk of becoming a less efficient worker.

Task Lighting Industry Experience

Arbe Machine has years of experience in the industry and is a trusted distributor of quality lighting products. For general information about LED task lights and task lamps or for further information about any of our other products, please contact us today.  

Jewelers, watchmakers, dentists and all other industry professionals require the best task lighting possible to work on any project. Arbe Machine has an excellent selection of task lighting products for all your working needs. Our jewelry task lights, LED & cabinet lamps and fluorescent lighting products ensure the best results by utilizing the highest quality materials.

Check out our selection of items below.

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  • Model # JF-155LEB
    55 Watt Industrial Task Lamp

    Simply Designed To Be The Best Task Lamp For Bench Jewelers & Diamond Setters

    55 Watt European Style Bulb Rated @ 6500K

  • Model # SL-400.003
    Gooseneck Lamp

    Lamp Equipped With On/Off Switch

    Supplied With Daylight Fluorescent Bulb

  • Model #JFL-155LEB
    LED Task Lamp

    You work hard enough. Make the switch to our LED Task lamp and give your eyes a break!

    Poor lighting can lead to worker fatigue and errors. Increase efficiency in any workplace with a quality LED lamp from Arbe Machine.


Healthy Lighting

The psychological health of students and teachers in a classroom is important and poor lighting could mess with the educational process. Having the right learning environment is imperative for teachers and students alike. Over the years, researchers have found that proper lighting technology can stimulate the brain.

The objective of any teacher in any classroom is to create a healthy and productive learning space and allow for the students to feel comfortable in the classroom. A comfortable learning space can aid in the retention of information by students and optimize the learning experience. The lighting in classrooms can be suited to fit the specific needs of students.

And not only are these lights great for the learning environment, they are also ideal for the earth's environment. Quality lighting saves energy and reduces the carbon footprint when compared to other lights.