Silent Air Compressors

Nationwide supplier of quiet-running air compressors

Arbe Machine has a top selection of silent air compressors for a variety of industries. Our air compressors lead the market in efficiency, quality and low decibel level.

We specialize in silent compressors up to 15 gallons. We feature oil-free units that provide high-quality clean air for a variety of tasks, particularly in the dental, medical and jewelry-making industries.  

Our air compressor specialists can customize our silent air compressors to suit your needs. We are proud to offer top-of-the-line dental air compressors.

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Arbe Machine is proud to offer an excellent selection of quality silent air compressors. Our commitment to superior customer support makes us a preferred supplier. Please browse through our selection of super-quiet compressor models. If you have any questions about our air-compressor selection, including our line of silent dental air compressors, or if would like to place an order, please contact us today. Call us at (631) 756-2477. Our team is ready to recommend an air compressor that meets your requirements.

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What IS an Air Compressor?

Air compressors are machines that turn electric power into pressurized or compressed air. They work by forcing air into a storage tank that accompanies the compressor until the air pressure in the tank reaches its limit. At that point, the pressurized air can be released to perform many activities from blowing up inflatables to powering pneumatic drills.

Silent air compressors are more efficient at noise reduction and create a better and safer work space. Arbe Machine is a nationwide air compressor supplier. We can recommend a silent air compressor to meet your needs, and we can customize equipment to suit your application.

Silent Air Compressors

An Efficient Noise-Reducing machine

silent air compressor is low in noise production compared with conventional units. Low noise improves the quality and safety of the work environment. In the case of dental air compressors, it improves the patient experience. 

Our silent air compressors limit friction from moving components and use clean, quiet electricity rather than diesel or gas. Our efficient Oil-Free Dual Piston Pump System allows our silent air compressors to work continuously while creating less noise. 

When purchasing, be sure to select a unit with a compressed-air capacity to meet your needs. Our team can help. Call us at (631) 756-2477.