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At Arbe Machine MFG., we provide our customers with top-of-the-line fume extractor products. Our Ductless Fume Hood & Extractor is perfect for shops that do not have access to external venting and are easily mounted to any wall. A ductless fume extractor also goes by the name "ductless containment hoods." In brief, they are simply self-contained workstations that protect the air from harmful fumes from being breathed in by workers.


At Arbe Machine Mfg., Inc., we offer ductless fume extractor options to fit your specific industrial needs. Due to our commitment to superior customer support, we provide you with the highest quality products and services. Our crew of excellent engineers can work with you to customize a product tailor-made to suit your requirements. Having ductless fume hoods that perfectly fits your needs is our ultimate goal.

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ductless Fume Extractor Filters 

We also carry fume extractor filters specifically designed for our ductless fume extractor. These filters allow you to dramatically improve your indoor air quality with a minimum investment. We have a great selection of filters that are each specifically designed to work with our machines and fume hoods.

Ductless Fume Extractor Convenience

The portability of the ductless fume extractor, or plating fume hoods as they are also called, makes it simple to own, as it does not require professional installation. This makes the machine more convenient compared to a duct fume extractor, since no wall penetrations is required. The ductless fume extractor is also more energy-efficient compared to a hooded extractor, so you will be saving money in both the short term with the lower installation costs as well as the long term.

Besides simply being convenient, there are also many benefits to using a ductless fume extractor. Another great part about using one is how environmentally friendly it is, since it keeps the air clean and does so at an efficient rate. But you won't only be helping yourself you will also be keeping the air around your workplace clean. This way everyone can breathe a toxin-free air. Our machines are economical and energy-efficient and a great addition to many industrial settings.

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