Fluorescent Task Light

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Arbe Machine has a wide variety of quality task lighting products that are perfect for industrial use. We are a nationwide distributor of all that we offer. One of our more prominent type of light is the fluorescent task light. Fluorescent lighting presents some pros and cons when used. It is known for some side-effects, such as hurting your eyes and washing out your complexion, but there are some benefits to its use as well.

How a Fluorescent task Light Works

A fluorescent task light works due to a chemical reaction inside of a glass tube. Electricity enters the light fixture and through a ballast, which regulates the voltage and current, and is necessary for the bulb to light as it feeds the electricity into the pins of the fluorescent bulb on both ends. Then once the electricity enters through the pins, it flows to the electrodes inside the glass tube and the electrons then travel all across the tube. 

Some issues arise from this process, as inside this glass tube are inert gasses and mercury, which are excited by this new, electrical current. The mercury then vaporizes when the electricity flows and the gasses react with one another. This produces an invisible UV light that is undetected by our eyes, but notice the fluorescent light it creates, which is actually a glowing phosphor coating due to the presence of this UV light. Fascinating stuff.

Know Your Task

So, when you purchase a fluorescent task light, you are getting energy efficient and afford lighting, as this lighting is typically cheaper than LED lights. However, some cons remain. They color could shift suddenly to imbalances in the chemical reactions and there is a warm up time for the reaction to occur in the first place. And these lights are more harsh on your eyes and can lead to dry and bloodshot eyes. We recommend to find a way to soften the lighting, if possible, such as using a troffer.

And due the presence of the mercury, these lights must be recycled once they burn out. They are dangerous and should be be disposed of through conventional means. Be sure to factor in the recycling cost when purchasing this item. We have a great selection of fluorescent task light products that are perfect for various tasks in many industries.

The Need of a Ballast

A ballast is required with a fluorescent task light as it takes the alternating currents that are coming through your walls and turns them into a direct stream of energy. Essentially acting as a stabilizer and maintaining the chemical reaction that is occurring inside the bulb.

There are three factors to consider when choosing a correct workout:

  1. The type of lamp that needs to be powered
  2. The amount of lamps that need to be powered
  3. The amount of voltage that is going into the fixture

Fluorescent Task Light Manufacturer

Arbe Machine has years of experience supplying industries across the country with quality task lights. If you have any questions about fluorescent task lighting, please contact us today. The number to call is 631-756-2477. We will gladly assist you with any questions you may have about a fluorescent task light. With your phone call, you can ask for a quote regarding the task light, as well as any possible customization options you may be considering.