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Arbe Machine MFG., Inc is happy to offer our great variety of forensic task lighting equipment. Our dedication  to excellent customer service allows to provide you with the highest quality lighting products. We have years of experience in the task lighting field and proudly supply the highest quality lighting products at an affordable price. 

Forensic task Lighting applications

The forensic field relies on task lighting for many uses. While performing crime scene investigations, testing for evidence or conducting research, optimal lighting is vital. Without proper task lighting, data could become skewed, missed or not found at all. That is why it is vital to have the best lighting possible, this way errors do not occur.

Our forensic task lighting equipment are durable and dependable with long-lasting power. Our lighting's adjustable necks allow for flexibility to reach tight and dark spaces for your convenience. Our top priority is your satisfaction with all our products. We aim to make you the most efficient worker possible.

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Arbe Machine has been manufacturing industrial products for years, Many industries and professions across the county utilize our forensic task lights. Our professionally trained staff has years of experience in finding you the best lighting for all projects. We look forward to working with you. For more information on our forensic task lighting and all else we offer, please contact us today. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have about our task lighting selection. You can call to speak to one of our friendly representatives by dialing 631-756-2477. With your phone call we can provide you with a free quote. 

Forensic Task Lights