Casting Machines & Equipment

Our jewelry casting machinery includes table top and floor model casting equipment, accessory parts, vacuum pumps, casting flasks and wax heating tools.

These jewelry casting machines and equipment are top-quality products from Arbe Machine Mfg.

About jewelry casting

Also known as “lost wax” casting, jewelry casting consists of molten metal or silver being filled into a wax pattern mold. The mold will form the desired shape of the jewelry when it cools. This process stems from early dentistry. Since then, casting has become the norm for making jewelry. Since it is such a similar concept, many people today who construct jewelry will still use casting machines & equipment originally intended for dentistry.

While this creates a fully formed piece of jewelry, there are other steps an artist will need to achieve prior to the casting process. After drawing up the concept for the metal piece, wax needs to be sculpted. Then the hot liquid metal is poured into the mold, which needs to be solid with no cracks.