Portable Dust Collector

Nationwide Portable Dust Collector Distributor

Arbe Machine has a great selection of portable dust collecting units for industrial use. We are a nationwide distributor for all that we offer. A portable dust collector is a valuable tool for many different types of industries. This type of dust collector can be used in a variety of work settings, but is more prominent in the jeweling industry. 

In our selection for a portable dust collector is the machine itself, a vacuum system, and a bench pin. Anything you need in regards to this machine can be quoted and purchased through us. And everything we sell is backed by a 1 year warranty.

Portable Dust Collector Customization 

Customization is also available for the portable dust collector of your choice. We can take in your specifications and manufacture a machine that best suits your needs. Customization can be crucial, as it allows the user the flexibility to have a machine that is specifically designed for their purposes. It can then be more efficiently used and perhaps have a longer lifespan, leading to less repair work. 

Portable Dust Collector Benefits

A Portable Dust Collector Offers A Healthy Environment For Its Uses

Right off the bat, the most important benefit of a portable dust collector is, well, the portability of the machine. This cannot be understated. Oftentimes dust collectors are large and bulky and difficult to move. However, the ease with which this machine can move makes it great for when multiple rooms need this sort of unit for a task. For smaller offices perhaps on a budget, having a dust collector that can move between rooms can save money due to the fact that a second unit does not need to be purchased for a separate room. It can simply be moved from room to room as each new task comes about. 

And aside from the portability, these units also provide the more common benefits of a dust collector. Major health problems can be caused by airborne toxins. Similar to gases, toxic dust can be easily inhaled without you knowing. Wood dust, coal dust and silica are also possible particles that can infiltrate your lungs on a given workday. Protect the lungs of you and your employees by providing them with an excellent portable dust collector. You will become a more efficient and productive worker.

Portable Dust Collector Manufacturer

We Distribute Our Portable Dust Collector Units To Customers Nationwide

Arbe Machine has years of experience distributing industrial machines. A portable dust collector is an important machine for many different industries and help keep you and your employees healthy. We can provide this piece of equipment at great, low costs. For more information about this product, please contact us today. If you would like to request a free quote on a portable dust collector, please call 631-756-2477. We will happily answer any questions you may have regarding our line of industrial machines.