5HP - Custom Polishing/Buffing System/ E-Stop Option

5HP Polishing Motor With Custom 15" Long Spindle

220V/3Phase - 3450RPM

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At Arbe Machine Mfg.,Inc we’ve taken our decades of experience and expertise in manufacturing the highest quality jewelry polishing and dust collection equipment and have started to design custom industrial polishing/buffing and grinding equipment. 

Each polishing/buffing station is manufactured according to our customer’s specific requirements. 

We can customize all aspects of the polishing/buffing system.  Including the motor stand height, the length and type of motor shaft to accommodate specific polishing or grinding buffs.  We can also customize the design of the polishing hood and the inlet size of the dust collector.

This custom model buffing system is capable of using up to a 14" buff.  This system also incorporates a custom spindle shield which covers the portion of the motor shaft which is not essential, lowering the risk of any potential injuries to the user.

We also Incorporated an E-Stop feature into the design of the buffing system once again adding an additional layer of safety to the user while they are grinding, polishing and buffing.

We can modify and change the design of any of our polishing systems to best fit your application. Please contact us with your specific requirements for a custom polishing system quotation.