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Arbe Machine has a wide range of quality industrial polishing equipment available to customers across the country. Polishing supplies provide the user with a wide array of benefits. Many of the polishing supplies we offer can be purchased at great, wholesale rates.

Industrial Polishing and Buffing Tips

Learning how to apply the composition to your buffing wheel is important. Here are some tips when starting on any new wheel:

  • Make sure the wheel has reached max speed and is revolving towards you. Once this is achieved, pass tube of composition lightly across the face of the wheel. Do this in front of and a little below the spindle until the face is slightly coated.

  • Then, hold a clean piece of old or used metal lightly against the face of the wheel. Do so for a few seconds to ensure proper spreading of the new coat. Perform this task several times until you have completely covered the wheel with the new coat.

  • Once this is done, the face has been charged with composition and is ready to be buffed. However, it is worth noting that you will need to apply more composition a few times while you buff. Using a wiping motion is the best way to handle this task, but use caution as to not overload the wheel.

There are many aspects to consider when it comes to industrial polishing supplies. Knowing the some industrial polishing terms related to our polishing supplies and materials can help you understand how to get the best results. Understanding the differences can go a long way in providing quality work for your services and ensure you are a productive worker.

Polishing Supplies Distributor 

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