Magnifier Task Light for Jewelers

Nationwide Distributor of Jewelers Task Lights

Arbe Machine has a great selection jewelry task lighting that is perfect for a wide variety of industries. Our magnifier task lamps and lights for jewelers can be shipped around the country. Jewelers and jewelry repair workers need exceptional lighting for all of their projects. Working with such small pieces and precious jewels requires immense concentration. However, without proper lighting, these services are nearly impossible.

Lighting Properties

Sometimes a jewelers work station can be small. That is why a magnifier task light and LED lighting are crucial for jewelers to perform their work and get the results they are looking for. These lights illuminate the darkest and smallest areas on jewelry so the worker does not make a mistake, lose pieces accidentally or further damage or break the piece being worked on. Mistakes or errors like that could potentially lose returning customers.

There are many intricacies in the job of a jeweler and having the proper lighting can go a long way. Our quality lighting equipment will brighten up your work-space and ensure that your repair jobs go smoothly. Details matter when you are repairing jewelry. Make the most of your money and your time with a task light or task lamp from Arbe Machine.

All cutting, mounting and displaying of jewelry is drastically easier with our lighting products. Showcase your finished work with our clear and bright lighting equipment. Your customers and clients will be amazed at how clean and precise your hard work is when they see it shine so beautifully. Gain returning customers with your quality work.

What To Look For In A Magnifying Lamp

Before choosing a lamp, you must first consider how you will use your lamp. Different lamps come with a different set of attributes. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before coming to a final decision:

  • Does it need to be portable?
  • Where is it going to be placed?
  • How large does the bulb need to be?
  • How large of an area needs to be illuminated?
  • What magnification power do I need?

Simple questions like those need to be covered, that way the decision process will go much more smoothly. There is a precision involved when repairing jewelry of any kind, so understanding what is needed and what can be improved can go a long way into becoming a more consistent and productive worker.

How To Choose A Magnifying Task Light

A simple rule of thumb to follow is to choose a magnifying lamp that provides magnification and illumination for the largest area that you are able to see. This is due to the fact that higher magnification power leads to a smaller viewing area, so it is crucial to know the range you will be viewing through the lamp, otherwise you may struggle with your work. A quick and simple measurement of your work area will get the job done.

In brief, desk lamps are easily moved from room to room, so if you're someone who is constantly on the go or moving around, that could be your option. However, the handheld lamp is the most portable, but perhaps its size might be a detriment.

Quality magnifier task light for jewelers

One quality lighting product we carry is our 22 Watt Industrial Magnifier Task Lamp. This item has a fully positional articulating arm and comes with a replacement bulb. It will prove a worthy companion to your work station. It is worth noting that all of our various products come with a one year guarantee, because customer satisfaction is a great concern of ours.

A Manufacturer of Magnifier Task Lights for Jewelers

If you are a jeweler and you are looking for better lighting for your work, Arbe Machine has you covered. Jewelers have many day-to-day tasks that require optimal lighting. With our great selection of magnifier task lamps and task lights, your work will greatly benefit. If you have questions about a magnifier task light for jewelers, please contact us today. The number to call is: (631) 756-2485. We can provide you with all the information you require in order to purchase the best lighting product for your workplace.