LED Task Light Types

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Task lighting is important for many businesses across the country. An LED task light can be used to light up various tasks on a day-to-day basis. So it is important to understand exactly what sort of lighting is out there to be used. Knowing the different types of lights and their functions will help you to chose the perfect light for your task. There are many benefits when it comes to the purchasing of any LED task light. Arbe Machine has a great LED task light selection that can be used across various industries. 

Localized Average Lighting

Localized lighting consists of a luminaire. This option provides ambient lighting on top of task lighting. More times than not, it is an uplighter with a light source and that source of light is directed downward. The intention of this sort of LED task light is to be mounted right over the workplace. It can be mounted or hung in various spots:

  • Hung from the ceiling
  • Mounted on a desk
  • Mounted on a wall
  • Free-standing floor lamp

Fixed Task Lighting

A fixed LED task light simply refers to a non-movable light source that is dedicated to lighting a specific task. Homeowners can use this sort of lighting in kitchens. They can be installed in different spots in the kitchen. One of the more common spots is under-cabinet lighting, as it provides the user with clear lighting on their counters when cutting and preparing food.

Having proper lighting when using sharp items, such as knives, is a way to prevent serious injuries from occurring. This goes past the kitchen and to any place where exact work is needed. A clear LED task light that is fixed is a way to ensure safe and reliable work environments. 

Freely Adjustable Task Lights

The biggest benefit of this sort of task lighting is that it can be adjusted freely at any time to suit any particular task. This sort of LED task light can open up a few different options as to how the lamp can be positioned in order to receive the best lighting possible. To be able to adjust the lighting means you can control the glare and maneuver it to get the best lighting situation possible.

Goose-neck lamps or swing arm lights are common examples of adjustable lighting fixtures. Having an adjustable neck allows for the light to be focused on the exact spot needed for the task at hand. And for the swing arm lights, well, they can be positioned to the right area where the most light is needed. Many of these lamps or light fixtures are smaller and are great for desk work.

Magnifying Task Lights

A magnifying LED task light is a task light that come with a built in magnifying glass and can be used for more detailed work. This sort of lighting allows for precision operations to be completed. Dental work, jeweling, and sewing are common areas of work for this type of lighting.

Asymmetric Task Lighting

The lighting here is intended to be placed at the side of the actual task. With this, the user is able to direct the LED task light over the desk and aim the highest illumination to where the light is needed. However, with this lamp the light is not direct, but to the side of the lamp. There is a parallel arm to help with this maneuvering.

Due to the nature of these lamps, they typically produce more glare than other lamps. If you work in an area with different table heights, this sort of lamp may produce a glare for other workers. This is due to the lack of glare control on the lamp, so more solitary work is suggested.

LED Task Light Distributor

Arbe Machine is a trusted supplier of all sorts of task lights that are used in various industries across the country. We have years of experience in the industry and provide LED task lights at great, affordable prices. For more information about our task lighting equipment, please contact us today. The number to call is 631-756-2477. We will happily answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding our lighting products. Receive a quote for the LED task light that you are interested in purchasing.