Industrial Silver Polishing

Arbe Machine has a great selection of industrial polishing equipment. We can ship all of our equipment to outlets nationwide. And on top of that, customization is possible for much of what we offer.

It is important to properly care for silver, as it can lose its luster over time. Polishing silver can restore it to its previous glory. Removing tarnish can seem like a time consuming task, however simple household items can get the job done. 

Items You Will Need

  • Tarnished Silver
  • Warm Water
  • Dish Soap
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Baking Soda
  • Salt
  • Boiled Water
  • Two Separate Pots
  • Clean Cloth
  • Silver Polish

Simple Polishing Silver Steps

  1. Wash silver in soapy water. Avoid using the dishwasher, as extreme heat can warp items.
  2. Place the silver in a pot that is lined with aluminum foil. Make sure the pot has a well-fitting lid to ensure it does not come lose.
  3. Mix the ingredients with boiling water. In a separate pot, boil a quart of water and mix in one-quarter cup of baking soda and a couple teaspoons of salt.
  4. Pour the solutions into the pot. Once you've poured this mix in you can cover the pot. The solution will cause a chemical reaction that should remove any blackness that appears on the silver. This process can last up to five minutes.
  5. Rinse and dry your silver afterwards. Remove all the silver from the pot and rinse them with clean water. Then, dry them off with a clean, soft cloth. You can prevent tarnish from occurring by storing the silver in acid-free tissue paper or unbleached cotton muslin.
  6. Touch up with some polish. If the piece is still looking a little tarnished, you can use some silver polish to finish the job.

There are a few methods to properly polish silver, but not all of them produce the most reliable of results. For great results, using professional equipment is the way to go. By doing so, you will not only restore the silver items to their shiny beginnings, but you will also be preventing them from tarnishing. 

Arbe Machine is an industry leader in quality polishing equipment. For more information about our industrial polishing equipment for silver, please call or email us today.