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Arbe Machine is a nationwide distributor of affordable dust collectors. They are a helpful item for many jewelers and can be customized to adhere to various tasks. Keep the air clean in your work environment with one of the high quality dust collectors we have in stock.

Dust Collectors Safety Measures

Additional Measures That Should Be Taken With Our Dust Collectors

In addition to maintaining your dust collector, there are other measures to remember in order to stay healthy. Even though you may not be directly inhaling particles in the air, these particles can easily land on your clothing or hair.

From there, toxic dust could end up in your mouth or nose. Special protective, washable or even disposable clothing is a helpful step to take in the workplace. Invest in air monitors so you know exactly what is being inhaled. This would be a monitor for a confined space as opposed to open air environments. A good monitor will be expensive, but it is completely worth the money and works perfectly alongside your dust collector. Your life is what is most valuable.

Dust Collectors

Jewelers Bench Equipment

Safety Instructions for Jewelers Bench Vacuum System

This tool should be grounded while in use to protect the operator from electric shock. The tool is equipped with an approval three-conductor cord and three-prong grounding type plug to fit the proper grounding type receptacle.

The green (or green and yellow) conductor in the cord is the grounding wire. Never connect the green (or green and yellow) wire to a live terminal. If your unit is for use on less than 150 volts, it will hav a different plug than if it is for use between 150 and 250 volts. Check out this PDF to view different cords. The use of an extension cord or a 2 prong adapter is not recommended.

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