Dental Air Compressors

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Arbe Machine is a nationwide supplier of silent air compressors for dentists. Many tools in a dental office are powered by air compressors, making them a valuable tool. It is important to select the perfect dental air compressor for your needs. Having the wrong silent air compressor in your office could lead to harm to problems. Whereas a more suitable one can be more professional and can help you build your practice. It is important to note that using a specific type of air compressor does not guarantee pathogens are not present. However, it certainly does help to select a compressor that will provide the best air quality possible. There are various aspects to consider when looking to purchase one of these machines. 

The Importance of Air Quality

The air quality that is produced should be the first aspect to consider when comparing which dental air compressor is right for you. High-quality air is much safer for you, your patients, and any other equipment in the office. In any dental office there is a risk of exposure to bacteria, microorganisms and pathogens. If the equipment produces poor-quality air or if its improperly generating a moist environment in the machine parts, then you may inadvertently be creating a breeding ground for these potential dangers.

There are two requirements that each dental air compressor should be able to produce in order to lower the risk of contamination while also improving the efficiency of any dental instruments:

  1. The dryer system should be capable of producing air with an atmosphere dew-point of no less than -20°C.
  2. The filter system should provide dust filtration down to 1 µm with a DOP efficiency of not less than 99.97% and bacteria filtration down to 0.01 µm with a DOP efficiency of not less than 99.9999%

Having a dental air compressor that follows these requirements is vital for any dental practice. You will be keeping your patients safe by reducing the chance for illness.

Dental Air Compressor Supplier

Arbe Machine has years of experience distributing industrial machines to clients throughout the country. We have a dental air compressor that is perfect for those in that particular industry. To learn more about these products, or any other product in stock, please contact us today. We can provide you with an estimate for our machines. And ask about our customization options. The number to call is 631-756-2477. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding our line of products.