Containment Hoods

Nationwide Containment Hoods Distributor

Arbe Machine is a nationwide distributor of dependable and affordable industrial machines, such as our quality containment hoods. This type of machine also goes by the name of a ductless fume extractor. These machines are specifically designed to provide your work space with a high efficiency filtration of fume. They capture contaminants at the source and keep the air in your work space free of toxic chemical and air particles that can make you sick. Without these particular industrial machines, your work area could be a hazardous space. Our containment hoods allows for the air you breathe to be clean and safe.

Containment Hoods Customization

Since we are an in-house manufacturer, customization is simple and easy for our containment hoods. We are an experienced manufacturer and can customize our machines to specifically suit your work environment. You can provide us with your desired specifications and we will do the rest! Optimizing these machines to cater to your needs ensures that you are being properly handled and getting the most out of your machine. 

Containment Hoods Manufacturer

We have years of experience in the industry providing quality machines and products for businesses across the country. If you would like more information about our containment hoods, please contact us today. We will gladly assist you with any questions you may have concerning a ductless fume extractor and its benefits. If you have any questions, please give us a call today and we will be happy to talk to you about our ductless fume extractors or hoods. Our number is 631-756-2477. We look forward to hearing from you.