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Arbe Machine specializes in the manufacturing and distributing of quality air compressors. Over the years, we have become a nationwide air compressor supplier. We distribute all of our silent air compressors to outlets nationwide. Air compressors are a common item used in many different industries, as they present various industrial benefits. Loud noises are not only annoying, but they can be detrimental to your health. You may not realize, but being exposed to noise levels around 80 decibels for an extended period of time can result in hearing loss. If you work close to air compressors or loud machinery, you are at more risk than if you are at a greater distance.

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Due to these concerns and issues, more industries are looking for quieter compressors. Here are some qualities and models to look for when purchasing a quieter air compressor for your work place.

  • Sound Dampening: If the pump on the air compressor is exposed, then you will be subject to an unrestricted amount of noise. Nowadays, air compressors are manufactured using thicker gauge steel or aluminum and use a sound-dampening enclosure, which is installed directly over the motor, pump, and fan. This lessens the noise the machine extracts and dampening pads reduce the amount of vibration caused when the machine is on.

  • Rubber Components: Vibrations from the air compressor may actually amplify the sound and make the machine louder than it needs to be. Rubber isolation pads are perfect to quell vibrations and stop them from reaching the surface. With this technique, combined with other methods, your air compressor may produce less than 70 decibels of sound, which is a great improvement over the more general machines and are great for your ears and health.

  • Oiled vs Oil-Free: Typically, compressors without oil are more noisy than ones with it. However, more manufacturers are developing new technologies that require clean, quiet and oil-free compressor.

Tips For Muting Your Air Compressor

Learn How To Make Air Compressors More Quiet

Sometimes you can't always afford to upgrade your air compressor at this very moment to a more silent version. However, there are a few things you can do to off-set the noises. One simple option is to wear hearing protection. It may go without saying, but loud air compressors can do damage to your ears and it may not be enough to simply stand away from it. Avoid any damage to your ear by wearing proper protection.

Another way to handle this sort of situation is to use the air compressor in its own room. Build or prepare a room to reduce noise levels. There are acoustic absorption materials that can be added to pre-existing surfaces such as walls, floors, or ceilings. By creating this room, you will be lowering the decibels your ear receives from the machine.

If creating or using a separate room is not an option, then perhaps the use of a sound blanket will do. This device is fitted inside the cabinet to enclose the the nosiest part of the machine: the compressor. These blankets come in different sizes to fit into different air compressors and are simple and easy to install.

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Arbe Machine has years of experience distributing quality air compressors for businesses across the country. Having a safe work environment is our top priority. If you would like more information about our selection of air compressors, please contact us today. The number to call is 631-756-2477. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have about these products or about anything else you find on our site. We can even provide you with a free quote on many of our industrial machines.