Ultrasonic Cleaners & Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment

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BT Supplies is proud to offer our superior selection of ultrasonic cleaners and ultrasonic cleaning equipment. Our cleaners can be used to clean various items including jewelry, optical lenses, tools, precious metals and many other industrial equipment. After-use cleanup is quick and easy as well.

Our ultrasonic cleaners have been specifically designed to assist all professional jewelers in their work. Our machines clean your jewelry deeply and thoroughly ensuring your products are shining brightly and are rid of any blemishes or contamination. All caked-on workshop debris and dirt is instantly washed away.

All ultrasonic cleaning equipment is insured with our own 1-year warranty. Our commitment to excellent customer support allows us to provide you with only the highest quality products and services. For more information on all our products, please call one of our courteous representatives today.