Dust Collectors

Dust collectors are a useful machine for many industries across the country. They make the work environment a healthier place to be by removing dust particles from the air. We carry three types of dust collector units at Arbe Machine:

  • Bag Type Floor Model Dust Collectors
  • Cartridge Filter Dust Collectors
  • Portable Dust Collecting Units

These different dust collecting units have their own unique benefits when it comes to removing harmful particles from the air. Please browse through our selection of products below and contact us if you have any questions.

Protect Yourself from Dust Particles of Various Size

Dust particles that could be inhaled in the workplace are so small that you likely will never see them. The size of these particles range from one to 100 micrometers. Minute fragments typically originate from metals, minerals, or organic materials. These are produced in industries that involve:

  • construction
  • blasting
  • etching
  • manufacturing
  • agriculture

Any environment in which tiny particles have the means to go airborne should have a dust collector. Don’t put your health at risk. Call ARBE today to determine which dust collectors work best for your industry.

Larger dust particles possess the weight to descend rapidly to the floor. The lighter specks, however, may float for hours if the air stream is consistent. While they hover in the air at a shop, you are unwittingly inhaling the smaller particles. Eventually, this will lead to serious respiratory problems. Even if your mouth and nose are covered with a mask and your eyes are protected with glasses, the air should still be cleared. Why risk your health? You only live once.

In woodworking environments, sawdust in the air is a particular health hazard. In fact, dust from wood has been determined to be a carcinogen if inhaled. Carcinogens damage cellular metabolic processes in the body. Again, just because we cannot see something, does not mean it is not there. This especially is the case with dust, as the particles are in small measurements of microns. Arbe has available various types of dust collectors to ensure that you will not be exposed to this threat.

Health Problems caused by Airborne Toxins

Numerous conditions can develop in your body as a result of inhaling toxic dust particles. While there are many known diseases and ailments on record, there are a handful of specific health issues which should be mentioned.

Your lungs in particular are fragile organs. Although dust is incredibly small, these particles can do serious damage upon accumulation. Weeks or months can go by with continuous settling of the dust at the bottom of your lungs. All of a sudden, your respiratory system is suffering. This issue can be prevented with dust collectors. And we got those in stock. 

Emphysema is an obstructive lung condition that decreases the volume of air flowing out of the lungs. Asthma is another obstructive respiratory problem which produces shortness of breath. Silicosis is a dangerous problem that scars the lungs. More common, devastating effects come in the form of cancer and heart disease.

Remember, what you can't see can hurt you. Similar to gases such as carbon monoxide, toxic dust can easily be inhaled without your knowledge. While there are devices to detect that gas, there are also machines to remove the dangerous particles.

Wood dust

Because it originates from the organic matter of trees, dust from wood may not seem to be nearly as dangerous as dust from metals. Wood dust, however, is indeed quite hazardous to the health of humans. And it’s not just respiratory health either. Sap from wood is a cause of dermatitis.


A common mineral known as quartz, hazardous dust from silica is found in the construction industry. Fine particles of concrete, sand and soil contain silica. When the materials are disrupted by work such as drilling, these particles go airborne and into your lungs. Unfortunately they are too small to see and you would never know you are inhaling them. The inhalation of tiny silica particles has serious potential to result in cancer or tuberculosis.

Aside from the previous materials mentioned, you should also avoid breathing in microscopic pieces of brick, stone and tile. By implementing a dust collector in your work environment, fatal diseases can be avoided.

Coal Dust

In the coal mining industry, workers have inhaled dust particles from coal, causing what is known as black lung disease. This is a type of pneumoconiosis, which is also caused by asbestos. Unfortunately, diseases like this are not detected for many years after exposure. If you are able to install a dust collector in the workplace, doing so will prevent future respiratory problems.

Additional measures

In addition to maintaining the dust collector, there are other measures to remember in order to stay healthy. Even though you may not be directly inhaling particles in the air, these particles can easily land on your clothing or hair.

From there, toxic dust could end up in your mouth or nose. Special protective, washable or even disposable clothing is a helpful step to take in the workplace. Invest in air monitors so you know exactly what is being inhaled. This would be a monitor for a confined space as opposed to open air environments. A good monitor will be expensive, but it is completely worth the money. Your life is what is most valuable.

Safety Instructions for Jewelers Bench Vacuum System

This tool should be grounded while in use to protect the operator from electric shock. The tool is equipped with an approval three-conductor cord and three-prong grounding type plug to fit the proper grounding type receptacle.

The green (or green and yellow) conductor in the cord is the grounding wire. Never connect the green (or green and yellow) wire to a live terminal. If your unit is for use on less than 150 volts, it will hav a different plug than if it is for use between 150 and 250 volts. Check out this PDF to view different cords. The use of an extension cord or a 2 prong adapter is not recommended.

Customization is available for our machines

At Arbe Machine MFG., Inc., we offer an array of dust collectors to fit your industrial needs. Due to our commitment to superior customer support, we provide you with the highest quality products and services. Our crew of excellent engineers can work with you to customize a product tailor-made to suit your requirements. If you have any questions, please give us a call today and we will be happy to talk to you about our dust collectors or any one of our other quality products.